Who we are :

We make it easier for our passengers to be safely transported to medical appointments using wheelchair and equipped vehicles.

MERCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION is a local Non-Emergency Medical Transportation provider in Twin Cities Area. We focus on safety, timeliness and client needs. Please give us a chance to earn your business with our traditional values and practices.

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We use vehicles that comply to standards set forth by the American Disabilities Act to ensure that every customer be transported safely and with the utmost care and comfort. Our highly qualified drivers must pass driver training programs and background tests , and must adhere to being and maintaining a drug-free individual and workplace .


Unlike Taxi companies,Mercy Medical Transportation of Twin Cities delivers more care & attention:

  1. Physically able to assist any patient with any disability
  2. Ongoing Passenger Sensitivity training
  3. Professional door-to-door service
  4. 100% smoke-free interiors


  • Unlike Ambulances,Mercy Medical Transportation of Twin Cities Area operates at a fraction of the cost:

  • Lower vehicle and company insurance rates due to Non-Emergency operation
  • Pass savings directly to clients: Lower Rates than competition!

  • Unlike Public Transportation,Mercy Medical Transportation of Twin Cities Area delivers personalized medical transportation:

  • Choose your own pickup times
  • No excess waiting before or after appointments
  • Choose your specific pickup and drop-off locations
  • We come to you!
  • Ride alone or bring up to 3 additional passengers
  • No forced ride-sharing with other clients Complete our Quick Quote feature on the right and learn more about how we differ from other medical transportation providers

MERCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION is the future of Transportation of Twin Cities.

Complete our Quick Quote and learn more about how we differ from other medical transportation providers.